Getting Sara Married – Overbrook High School

Overbrook - Getting Sara Married 1

Getting Sara Married by Overbrook High School in Pine Hill, NJ

November 21, 2017

Review submitted by Emma Yeatman of Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

There really is no correct response when someone’s meddling aunt has a man knocked unconscious and delivered to her door. However, Overbrook High School handled such situations with comedic aplomb, leaving the audience roaring in their production of Getting Sara Married.

Sam Bobrick’s lively comedy tells the story of Sara Hastings, a career woman claiming to neither need nor want a man, who is understandably horrified when her well-meaning aunt has a potential suitor abducted and hand-delivered to her New York apartment door. Events from there spiral into a slapstick comedy and surprising romance, accompanied by perfectly integrated social commentary.

With a fabulously painted New York skyline as a backdrop, the actors portrayed dynamic and complex characters without losing the show’s comedic elements. Augmented by well-timed sound and lights, the performance was marked by the cast’s skill in comedic timing and physical comedy.

Leading actress Carly Underwood portrayed a multifaceted and stunning Sara, the facial expressions and emotional range of which were a delight for the audience.

The supporting cast was truly blessed with Isaiah Robinson’s Noogie, a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades and excellent voice of merriment when the rest of the characters have their fits of kidnapping-related hysteria. His physical abilities created an unforgettable mid-show allergy attack, and his dedication to lying facedown on the floor for an extended scene is to be admired. Aunt Martha (Zoe Muller) presented a delightful foil to Sara’s slightly uptight professional drive as a laid back but determined catalyst for plot and laughter. Her accent and look of nonchalance in the face of potential criminal charges left the audience in stitches.

The magnificent set painting (Overbrook Paint Crew and Advanced Technology Students) created a gorgeous East Side skyline. The areas at the sides of the stage for characters in other apartments to throw their two cents in via phone calls were beautifully simplistic, never drawing attention when not in use but still managing to portray a full room when inhabited. The light cues for these were wonderfully timed, portraying well the sudden stops and starts of phone conversations. The sound booth created everything from door bells to a New York themed soundtrack for mood purposes. The mics were well run and shockingly clear for a high school performance, although there was a slight ringing sound noticeable at some points.

Overbrook High School pulled off Getting Sara Married, a small cast, high energy slapstick comedy with aplomb, delivering both laughs and several things to think about regarding our courtship process.


Review submitted by Alexandra Kafrissen of Germantown Academy

Following savvy and empowered lawyer, Sara Hastings, on her humorously unconventional journey to love, Overbrook High School’s Getting Sara Married brought the audience an enjoyable performance full of energy and laughs.

Written by Sam Bobrick, Getting Sara Married tells the story of unmarried lawyer, Sara Hastings, who feels as though she is much too busy to get involved in romance. Her Aunt Martha however, has decided to take matters into her own hands and pick out a husband for her niece. Aunt Martha chooses the already engaged Brandon Cates and uses some hilariously unorthodox methods to make sure the two of them spend time with one another.

With a very small cast of six people, actors handled the substantial amount of lines well with few mistakes. Remaining onstage throughout the entire show, Carly Underwood (Sara Hastings) handles her immense amount of lines beautifully and with great articulation that was paired with high energy.  With a host of edgy one-liners juxtaposed with a sweet sincerity (particularly in Act Two), Carly Underwood performed the role of Sara Hastings in an earnest and believable manner that succeeded in getting the audience to root for romance. Jacob Gameron nicely complimented Underwood with his portrayal of Brandon Cates, a potential husband that Aunt Martha has chosen for Sara.

The humor in the play was truly brought to life by Isaiah Robinson playing the role of a “special” delivery man hired by Aunt Martha. Robinson achieved consistent laughter with his fantastic comedic timing that provided for a scene stealing role that quickly became an audience favorite. Bringing energy and laughs as well as an impressive New York accent was Zoe Muller as Aunt Martha. Muller’s take on the overbearing matchmaker of the play provided for a lovely contrast to her far more straight-laced niece.

The vibrant and detailed set was truly a highlight of the production. In particular, the beautifully painted backdrop of New York City in Sara’s apartment window was especially impressive and gave the audience a deeper sense of location during the play. The simple yet effective lighting added a bright and cheery aspect to the play as a whole.

The entertaining cast of Getting Sara Married put on a moderately short yet enjoyable performance that left the audience rooting for love.



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