Boeing Boeing – Upper Dublin High School

Upper Dublin - Boeing 3 photo by John Jablonski

photo by John Jablonski

Boeing Boeing by Upper Dublin High School in Maple Glen, PA

November 20, 2019

Review submitted by Lisa Green of Friends Central School

Ladies and Gentleman, please take your seats. Sit back, relax, and prepare for takeoff, as Upper Dublin High School presents Boeing Boeing!

This three-act farce tells the story of Bernard, an American businessman living in Paris with a seemingly average life. When his old friend, Robert, arrives, it is revealed that his life is anything but average: Bernard has three fiancées who work as flight attendants for three different international airlines. The comments from Bernard’s maid, Berte, along with the three fiancées always coming and going, provide a healthy helping of turbulence.

Upper Dublin went above and beyond to make this production unforgettable. The black box theater, coupled with a small ensemble cast of six, created an intentionally intimate and personal atmosphere. In addition, small touches like the actors’ consistent accents and ending the show with airplane-themed bows really showed the care and forethought that went into this show.

Brady Lincavage (Robert) filled his performance with brilliantly executed physical comedy, showed emotional authenticity, and never failed to generate uncontrollable laughter from the audience. Zoe Halperin (Berte) welcomed the audience in with sassy quips, total awareness of the crazy world around her, and masterfully playing off of her co-stars.

Benjamin Brown (Bernard) displayed a very genuine transition from being the calm, straight man with a plan to a deer in headlights toward the end of the performance. Furthermore, each of the three fiancées—Courtney Varallo (Gloria), Hana Yolacan (Gabriella) and Bailey Rifkin (Gretchen) made each of their characters distinct, and they engaged with the audience marvelously. While there were slight pacing issues at the beginning, the cast and crew consistently improved throughout the duration of the show.

Upper Dublin’s cast members did their own makeup, making sure to stay true to the early 1960s time period. Additionally, each of Sarah Joseph’s sound cues were consistent and made this production feel professional. Finally, prop masters Lizzy O’Connell and Katie Harton creatively managed a broad range of props, such as the rotating pictures and travel bags of each fiancée.

Get ready for the flight of a lifetime! Upper Dublin’s committed cast, thoughtful direction, and talented tech crew make this production of Boeing Boeing a must see event!


Review submitted by Grace O’Malley of Germantown Academy

Upper Dublin High School’s production Boeing Boeing took flight into a realm of chaos as the cast engrossed the audience into a hysterical tale of a man and his three foreign fiancées.

Boeing Boeing is a play focused on the life of Bernard, a bachelor who spends time organizing the flight schedules of his three flight attendant fiancées. Three women from different countries believe that they are the only woman in Bernard’s life, however, that is certainly not the case. Everything goes downhill when all three fiancées end up at Bernard’s apartment at the same time. Perplexed by the situation, Bernard and his friend Robert must devise a plan so that the fiancées don’t figure out the truth.

The small cast of Boeing Boeing filled the room with energy as well as brought the stage to life with their ravishing 1960’s inspired looks. There was never a dull moment in the production since the entire cast played their roles to their full potential. The cast was challenged by the difficulty of accents, but tackled it head on and delivered to the best of their ability.

Zoe Halperin’s appearances as Berthe left the audience star struck after her accurate portrayal of the hysterical maid. Her astonishing French accent combined with her body language fit the aggravated yet funny maid. The two male actors Benjamin Brown and Brady Lincavage approached their roles head on and delivered solid performances.

Gretchen, played by Bailey Rifkin, and Robert, played by Brady Lincavage, had the best onstage chemistry. The pair worked well to develop their characters’ relationship. Courtney Varallo and Hana Yolacan played the other two flight attendants Gloria and Gabriella and did a great job of making their characters their own. Hana Yolacan’s usage of an Italian accent gave an authentic performance of her Italian character.

The Upper Dublin High School tech crew was spot on with sound effect cues. Bravo to their one set which was detailed, creative, and really captured a plausible 1960’s French apartment. Makeup and hair was flawless:  giving the audience an authentic blast to the past to the 1960’s.

Overall, the cast of Boeing Boeing delivered a memorable performance with their talented cast.

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