The Shows Must Go On – Cappies goes Virtual!

The Cappies program, along with the rest of the country, has been put on hold for the past few weeks.  But, the Steering Committee has found a way to not only finish the season, but allow schools to finish their interrupted participation in the program.

Welcome to Cappies:  Virtual Edition!   Seven schools (out of the ten remaining) who had their spring shows either cancelled or postponed, have submitted videos of their productions that were cancelled or shows that were performed in the fall that were not originally their selected Cappies show.  Student critics will watch the shows online, and review the shows from the safety of their homes.

So the reviews from this week were the first entries in the Cappies Virtual Edition.

On behalf of the Cappies Steering Committee, we are incredibly appreciative of the schools that have participated in this program, the critics who have decided to take on this unique form of the program, and for everyone’s patience and enthusiasm overall.

Our best wishes go out to the schools who had their programs halted by this pandemic.  Don’t worry, there will be more shows, there will be another stage, the audiences will return.  And we all can not wait for that curtain call!!

With these postponements and implementations of the virtual program, voting for the 2019-2020 season has been moved to Sunday May 17th.   Critics will be receiving instructions in the coming week or so.  Nominees for this year’s awards will be announced the week after voting.

The date of the Virtual Gala will be announced shortly.  The Gala will announce the  Cappies Awards recipients will give us an opportunity to celebrate this special, but no less spectacular, year of high school theatre.

The show will go on!!

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